Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Ramblings.

Or maybe just random thoughts would of sufficed for a title. Currently I am in a perpetual state of "huh?" Between the kids, lack of sleep and other such stressed, I often feel as though I am in some sort of alternate reality world. Either that or I am going schizo slowly but surely. I mean, they do say schizophrenia hits in the late 20's.

Something I noticed over the last year is that, if I ever think my house is haunted again, I will now blame it on a mouse, or just that my home is old. I want to say that Terminix did come out and rectify the problems I was having. So cheers to them for making right what the bad techs did wrong. I am a little sad that we will have to bate our crawlspace year round because of living by a woodline and the mice like to seek shelter, butttt, I must say I have no heart, and I do not want them in my home (cute as they may be) I am not a fan of droppings or diseases and I don't want ot know what my kids pick up when I am out of the room:) *ick*.

I also have an issue to where I mop every day (even behind the couches now). But to be honest I like it and it gives me some comfort to know my fading hardwood floors are super clean.

So the lumber for Ethan's farmhouse toddler bed has been purchased, and whenever that project gets started, there really is no telling. I have a habit of starting projects and finishing them months later.

Earlier this week I turned in the last bit of paper work for MiMi to enter kindgergarten, and I tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to keep her at her old school, but being it is not in our district (granted I would be driving her and granted it's the exaaact same driving distance as the new school) they will not let her go because I called too late in the year:( I am a little disheartened, but they say everything happens for a reason, and maybe she will enjoy the non uniform school. :)

I can't believe my sister's due date is next ONE MONTH I should be an AUNT!! (maybe sooner, maybe later, you never can tell)..

I am so elated!! I am sad I've never witnessed a birth before, and my own c sections were a bit hazy, and it all happend so fast. I really wish I could of witnessed this event, and more than anything be able to see my first niece upon her entrance into this glorious world.

I am just glad my sister will be here in August and I get to meet that sweet baby then!! Doubt it I will let her go! I love babies! :)

Anyway, I hope everyone else has been doing wonderful and I hope to update more at some point. Things are still crazy here:)

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