Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another weekend comes to an end..

The weekends always seem to rush by.


For months as our farmhouse bed (that we made following the plans over at knock off wood) have remained untouched. We were undecided on what stain to do the bed.

I toyed with keeping it original and pine.

I thought of black...

but, ultimately, with the blue walls, I decided white would be the way to go, nice and crisp and clean.

So I imagine I'll visit lowes this week and purchase white wood stain and see where that gets us.

Now, what bedding? What theme? So many decisions.

Other than the never ending indecision factor, we ventured the outlets yesterday. Nothing good at all. The gymbo outlet was all last years line and ALL FULL RETAIL PRICE. Imagine that. I am however in love with the gingerbread girl line from last year, and so splurged and spent 30 on a cute dress for mimi. Only now I realize I should of just shopped the clearance section on gymbo's website and used the 30% coupon AND spend enough to get gym bucks. oh well, getting out of the house and having a change of scenery was the important thing here. hehe

My house is nearly clutter free, I am contemplating bringing the kids old clothes to once upon a child, but I remember how cheap they are, esp. with name brand clothes. BUT, I don't have time or want the headache that involves dealing with ebay, nor do I want random craigs listers coming over to spend 1-2 bucks a pop, so, once upon a child it is. Cheap or not, this clutter needs to be gone.

Clutter drives me nuts..

and in some ways I had to admit I can have hoarding tendencies, which, ironically enough, watching show scared me and made me realize, even if I am a minimal pack rat, I never want it that out of hand, nd so I found myself last year FINALLY parting with old baby clothes etc.

I mean look at it this way, the clothes aren't the person, or the baby, the baby is the child you have now that you should look at, and know that you're taking THIS moment to treasure and hold onto them. Not the old blankets and spit up on clothing.

Don't get me wrong..

I still kept a few things, but for the most part I think less is more.