Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The tooth fairy, school etc.

This morning the tooth fairy visted the little old house that houses the girl with the missing front tooth. First tooth to erupt, and first tooth to exit.

Weeks ago, the little blond hair, blue eyed chubby faced girl comes to me and presents me a show of her wiggly tooth. With picture day being a few days away, I tell the little cutie to see if she can hold it in a little longer. (I know, bad mommy).

Picture day comes and picture day goes.

Last night she comes to me and says, "Mommy, can we pull it out now"?

I look, and try to remember when it was safe to pull, sadly, my only memory of having a tooth pulled was by my childhood friends dad, who saw me relentlessly gnawing at a salami sandwhich. He said, "come here girl", and the next thing I know he yanked it out and handed it to me.

I thought...
and I said, "let's let it fall out on it's own baby".
(Thinking, crap don't fall out today the tooth fairy doesn't have anything to give you).

A few seconds later I am eyeballing an ebay auction, she's asking for a piece of my chocolate, I say, "go head". I lose my auction and in the same second, she's handing me her tooth.

Whew, that was crazy!

So as she went to bed, I sent Daddy off with 15 bucks and said, "here get her a little barbie or something". He came back with a barbie and earings, I wrote a little note and snatched the tooth replacing it with the gifts from miss tooth fairy.

Now my daughter is one less tooth and feeling grown. HAHAH, gotta love kids. And by the way, meet "turtle":

In other such news, I even turned 28 on the 4th, and made everyone a big dinner. I used the birthday money from family to get the kids new clothes. Here's what I got on sale at Gymboree for MiMi:

I figure it will be a cute Thanksgiving outfit with a longsleeve shirt. Right now Gymboree has an extra 20% off everything, plus when you spend 50 you get gymbucks, seriously, when they have their sales it's worth shopping bc it ends up being cheaper than shopping at wally world.:D I LOVE! and too bad I just spend all the money before the sales or they'd be set.