Monday, November 29, 2010

Sharing: A few of the kids Christmas Photos

It's funny, the age my kids are at. One kid becomes old enough to pose and enjoy photos and sit still, the other is a busy body, and refuses, or I can barely snap away to get a good shot of him.

But alas, some 20 minutes of random flashes later, I find myself with a few I find adorable and print worthy.

I've always said it, and I will stand by it; MY CHILDREN are harder to photograph then anyone elses :) It seems logical that the photographers kids don't want to participate;) hehe

Anyway, PICS:)

So as soon as I placed my order for prints, the next day I get an email telling me 30% off + free s&h! Oh, yes, just my luck hehe. Thanksgiving was semi eventful, and spent down the road at my parents, the following day I did my typical promising myself I'd diet, all while stuffing my fat face with something chocolate in nature.

We later in the week picked out a tree, that now, sits in my living room, STILL undecorated. My father told us we could use his lights, but he has to hunt them down. At this rate, I am thinking a trip to wally is in order to get some danged lights for the tree.

It's our first real tree. It's kind of special, I think..well, atleast the kids think so. I personally just LOVE the smell:) With that, I hope you all are having a lovely fattening after Thanksgiving as well ;)