Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photo Tutorial: Dollar Tree Hurricane Utensil Holder ;)

I wanted to copy some of you ladies and do the Dollar Tree hurricane/candlestick deal, but my Dollar Tree happened to be lacking in the candle stick department ;)

Never the less, for a buck, I just could NOT pass up buying two hurricanes anyway. All week one sat in my cluttered kitchen, and then I got this idea! I am going to once and for all get rid of that ugly 90's apple utensil holder I have and make something cute and nicer.

See, ugly old holder:

I dug around in my scrap ribbon holder and thought my polka dotted ribbon left over from the pumpkin project would be ideal:

So, I had the hurricane, and the ribbon and I made a bow (excuse my bow, I am not gifted in tying anything)..

Then I gathered my bamboo utensils (you can find these at a cheapy store for a buck or two). and threw them on in.

MUCH PRETTIER! and for a BUCK, I sure can't complain ;) And I am sure you can monogram it in some vinyl and make it even prettier :D