Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Rustic - CHEAP tree // Living room redo

I say cheap tree, in that all the ornaments were really cheap at wally world. You can hate on wally all you want, but I am in love with wally. With out wally, I don't know how we'd afford to put groceries on the table. Chain groceries stores are just too much for us.

Anyway, I went with a bronzey theme to give it that rustic country look. Of course our real tree was 50 bucks, not too bad, each ornment was 2 bucks, except the reindeers that we got about 12 for 2? and the bronze balls were a box for 5.

My favorite are these stars:

The pinecones are too cute and homey feeling for me (ignore my camera blur, I didn't use the flash and have a shakey hand):

It's starting to look more like a drunken Christmas:

I loooove bronze;)

What's better than a coppery bronze? OIL RUBBED BRONZE;)

And then I ran out of ornaments, and decided I was too cheap to do the rest;) and that MiMi & I will just make some more of those snazzy little ginger bread looking ones, that we did last year this week.

You can find out how here.

I also for the first time in 6 years hung something on my sofa wall, and it semi works. For now, anyway.

Disregard my clutter, my son is into everything these days ;)I know what you are thinking about my "yellow walls" I promise they aren't this yellow in person. The color is actually "ripe wheat" and it's by behr at home depot. I painted them in 2005, and I wish I had all the before pictures of the 65 ranch, b/c you'd be shocked. We bought the home from a military family, who really loved camo colors. The baseboards and walls were HUNTER green and beige, it was just a hot mess. But here is some of the before and afters:

Oh, '65 rancher, you've come a long way baby!

Maybe when I am not so lazy I'll share our bathroom reno, it was a HUGE accomplisment;)