Sunday, December 19, 2010

It only took 7 months..

7 months for what? Oh, to decide on what to do with this farmhouse bed we built.
I couldn't tell you the exact month we started, it was sometime after we got our income tax returns. We used the queen plans from Ana White of knock off wood. We ran into some bumps along the way. The center panels in her build directions were not the right size, and instead of buying all new panels, we just cut a small piece to fit. However, we are still thankful for her plans, because WE LOVE IT, even with it's minor flaw hehe.

So there it sat for months, all built, just not assembled, and we couldn't decide what color to stain/paint it. Eventually we settled on white.

Since we are both busy with kids and never having a break, today we finally decided it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling.

So the drop cloth is down, the bed & it's pieces are up, and we shall paint it shortly. I have to tell ya'll, I realllllly love the natural pine look, but we are going to go for white paint. Wish us luck:) She's def going to be beautiful!!

And don't mind the odd angled shots, my camera lens is huge, and my 65 rancher bedroom is insanely small compared to most new homes, so taking a photo of it is a challenge in and of itself:) More pics when it's all said and done!