Monday, December 27, 2010

"I don't know how you do it, but you're good" A Physician's Formula Review

"I don't know how you do it, Jenny, but you're good at it". My sister would tell me this a lot in the last few years. What was she referring to? My magical abilities to hide my adult acne & acne scaring.

Yes, here I am at 28, and I am still prone to the occasional acne flare up. When my skin is good, it is very, very good, but when it is bad, it is BEYOND horrid. Of course you can't cover everything when it comes to acne, but I have learned how to perfectly mask acne scars and small break outs with out noticing when I buy the right makeup.

Of course Revlon foundation is my favorite of all time.

I could NEVER find a powder to safe my life when it came to setting my liquid. NEVER. Either it was too pasty, or way too orange. I know, but it's true.

One day I was in CVS 6 years ago and seen a product line called Physician's Formula, I thought, hmm, okay, they've caught my attention with the name, so I read the back and figured, this could be good for my skin. It wasn't department store priced, but it was a little more than the other drug store brands, but I gave it a go and bought it anyway.

RIGHT AWAY, I fell in love. I bought the beige pressed powder, because I didn't want to go too light. It was amazing, there were no blotches, nothing, it was an even and natural looking powder, my skin seriously NEVER a day in my life looked that good.

Other times I would buy the Natural glow powder, which was pale, but I would finish it off with a magic mosaic palette in warm beige which absolutely gave me the perfect light and soft NATURAL tan look with out looking orange at all, it was amazing, a makeup that FOR ONCE NEVER made me orange!

I have since been fiercely brand loyal to Physician's Formula and even love their shimmer strips eye shadows when I want to try a different look from time to time. They are honestly the only make up I can wear that doesn't give me the "Tammy Faye effect". I love Tammy Faye by the way, but you know where I am coming from ;)

Today I was ecstatic to see this arrive in the mail:

Who could of sent me such pretty envelopes?! What was in them?

I hurriedly opened them to find that I was LUCKY enough to try the new product line before it will even hit stores!! OH MY WORLD!!! The day after Christmas and it feels like Christmas all over again ;) These are called Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush and Face Powder.

First impression is that I am drawn to the adorable product packaging! Second impression is that I am going to try the lighter palette first. I literally opened it up and tried it out. I noticed right away the light and airy scent of the makeup. I wondered if it was supposed to have this scent, because I sure loved it, I read the paper that came with the makeup and sure enough it has an aroma therapy added to it! AMAZING!!

You all know how some makeups have this funky smell? ugh, does your significant other really want to peck you on the cheek with that funky makeup smell? I hope not, well this is smooch worthy, trust me :) it's not overpowering at all, it has just the right hint of scent.

While I am ogling over the amazing scent, I am pleased with how this actually looks on my face, it has a nice sheer translucent shimmer. BEAUUUUTIFUL!!! I really mean it, BEAUTIFUL! I have bought supposed "sheer shimmering face powders" before only to notice they make my pores pop out like an eye sore. YUCK!! I don't know how Physician's Formula did it, but they did! They managed a product that not only goes on even and evens out your skin tone but NOW also, hides those yucky pores.

I haven't tried out the darker palette yet, but I will in the morning and promise to post a photo to show you just how beautiful this product is and how satisfied I am with it, but first, I wanted to say thank you to Physician's Formula, & Blue Sky Communications for allowing me to try this product before it hit shelves. I LOVE to share product reviews that are review worthy with my friends & readers, and this one was definitely worth blogging about. And if you know me, my dear friends, and readers, you all know I am the first to complain about any and everything I do not like. It's true, I have this built in negative Nancy that likes to complain about products or companies that are foul, so when I rave on about a product, it is because I GENUINELY find no flaw in it and LOVE it. I guess I should also add that anytime I wear Physician's Formula powders of any sort, my face breaks out a lot less if any at all.

So, let's wrap that up into a short version for all of you: EVEN toned skin, HIDES/MINIMIZES unsightly pores, helps conceal acne & the scaring left from old breakouts, and gives you a fresh YOUNG glow all while having an added aroma therapy light and airy scent, rich in omega 3, a known anti depressant that has been linked to the production of Dopamine which promites happiness, feels light on skin, AKA NOT cakey.

Again, Physician's Formula does cost slightly more than other drug store brands, but it's worth every dime to have that even skin tone! I also find, that places like Ulta usually run buy 2 get 1 free deals, as well as local drug stores. Ulta also has a $3.50 off total purchase coupon in every Sunday paper as well which can curb the cost. My gosh this make up never ceases to amaze me! I get excited every time a new line comes out.

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, Physician's Formula :) !!! Check out there site while you are added, my user name is girlxmom on the site :)