Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7 years today..

I was a senior in high school in 2001. Do you remember what your senior year was like? Or what you looked like? I do.

My senior year was at a brand new school, we were to be the "first" graduating class. We had the option to leave our old schools and come to a new one and I felt change was good, and went. I remember liking it so much more than my old school. People from a bunch of random high schools thrown together and yet we all seemed to get along. It was interesting.

Then I remember my senior math class. I had to take tech math as my last credit to graduate. Yep, I could of graduated early, but I bombed Algebra II the following year and had to gain a credit in it's place to have my final math credit. - Did I mention I am the world's most horrible math student? It's so VERRRY true.

But that year was different, we took and easy math, my best friend was in class with me, and I met this guy named Doug. I always thought he was just so handsome.

He was way different than me, I (embarrassingly enough) dressed like a raver/skater chick, and Doug, well he was clean cut and preppy, and I was never attracted to that type, but I was to him.

One day I thought as I turned in my math test I would go and introduce myself to Doug, and so I sauntered over with some confidence that came out of no where and as I said "hi, I am.." I totally tripped on his book bag and smirked and quickly lost what ounce of confidence lingered and rushed back to my desk. My friend laughing, me a few shades of red and one of my guy friends looking at me like "what just happened, did i miss something?".

high school. sigh. It is what it is.

Then one day Doug disappeared from school and I never knew what happened to him. A couple years later my friend Kelly said "hey remember Doug from high school, you should talk to him" and she gave me his aol screen name. I laughed and said, "okay". Doug and I started to chat, he had even asked me to a movie, and at some point I just backed out and didn't go at all. We stopped talking for some months after that.

Maybe close to a half year later I was in wal mart (of all places) and seen him,in line with some girl, and..a baby. I thought "Oh, well, there goes my chance".

A week later he messaged me online. I asked how he and his new family were. He seemed lost. I explained to him I had seen him and his girl in wal mart with the baby. He laughed and told me it was his room mates and their child. hmm..

Doug got away from me twice. Once in high school, once after. Maybe third time is a charm? so January 4th of 2004 we finally made plans to hang out. It was an awkward meeting. So awkward, I shouldn't divulge that the first thing out of nervousness I did was say "hey want to see my cat in a leather jacket". yes, seriously, that's how SHY and inexperienced with boys I was. I know, looking back I don't even know what the hell..lol

Then we went to the local bar for drinks, where an insurance agent I gave business to when I worked in realty closings picked up our rather large tab.

I think I pecked Doug on the cheek and called it a night. I wasn't much for hanging out.

The next few times we hung out he would ask me out and I'd always say "no" and then one day I just said "sure why not!" And the rest is history.

We had MiMi unplanned, it was a hard decision for me because I had goals in life to be something. I had worked so hard and saved to pay for college and started on my way and then there ya go, baby on the way. Personally abortion wasn't for me, and ultimately we both decided to keep our baby. I remember not telling my parents until I was 6 months along. It was hard hiding it when i was working in the same realty office as my dad and throwing up 5 x each morning. My gosh was that a rough pregnancy. But we made it.

We've shared a lot of great times and we've also shared a lot of straight up HORRIBLE times that I would rather not remember. One thing I have to remind myself from time to time is that we are all human and we all make mistakes and the fact he and I got together so young just means we have to grow together. I know that no matter what I will always love him and the two beautiful children we share. No matter how hard things get, even if we straight up despise each other sometimes.

He's still my best friend and the person I can tell everything too. No matter what.

So happy anniversary, Dougie, I love you. I really do. Even if we don't see eye to eye. Even if we are polar opposites, even if I have to defend and honor my own self in public, it's okay, you're still my knight and shining, mechanic haha:) & if my computers didn't crash twice over the course of 7 years I'd even have a sappy photo to share, but I do not :) sorta - as you can see today we have aged since high school, but, really, what is age..and another year? xoxox