Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sneaky-Peeky - Toddler Bedroom Make Over - Sock Monkey Bedroom

I ventured online to find things to do Ethan's toddler room in Sock Monkey theme. Ultimately, I thought it was beyond ridiculous to pay 300+ for toddler bedding at custom places that he would outgrow within the next two years. That and, who has that much to spend on BEDDING? Not me! But if I ever do hit the mega millions jackpot, I will probably be first in line to spend $$ on something like that (no, not even then) hehe.

So, I headed over to an online retailer and purchased this soft chenile bedding. It came with a comforter, chenile, duvet, chenile fitted sheet AND a chenile pillow case (tossed 5 bucks for embroidery) and was ecstatic. The retailer had a facebook code for 15% off on orders ofer 85 bucks, well the bedding alone with shipping would of been 80, so I thought, oh hell I can find something to buy to make my total worth it :) So I threw in a large sock monkey, t shirt, and all the bedding and my total was 90 bucks shipped:) I totaly didn't expect it to be high quality, so when I opened the box, I was absolutely THRILLED at how soft it really was. I AM IN LOVE!!

The toddler comforter

The comforter, chenile duvet, fitted sheet and pillow case with some sock monkeys, his room is going to be SOOO CUTE!

softness UP CLOSE ;)

love this embroidery!

and with his new toddler farmhouse bed Doug built with the plans from knock off wood, once it is stained, it is going to look great!

I will be off to Joann's Fabric later to buy some fabric to do little toss pillows for his bed to complete the look.
Update: Went to JoAnn's and picked out this fabric for the accent pillows:

Sock Monkey room on a budget: I GOT THIS!


  1. Could you share where you bought? I'm looking for something similar. Thank you.

  2. The pillow cases I made using Jo Ann fabric and the bed set I bought on amazon when they were having a deal:) hope that helps.