Monday, January 31, 2011

yucky pit bull attack etc. ugh.

I have been busy trying to redo Ethan's bedroom with what little spare time I have. (Usually none). Between two kids and never having anyone watch them, a project that would take a normal person under a weekend to do has taken me far longer. Sometimes I wish my parents would take BOTH kids for just a few hours so I could accomplish things in a much more timely fashion.

As luck would have it, they don't. And as brutal honesty has it, I made my children, they are my responsibility.

And so it takes forever to do simple things.


I spent Saturday clearing Ethan's closet, getting things sorted for the children's consignment sale our city has in March. I have decided I just want stuff gone, and so everything will be a buck. Seriously, I just want it gone. If I make money, great, if not, donate it on..I just have no room in the 65 rancher for old baby clothes etc.

As much as the mommy in me wants to be a hoarder. The sensible side of me says, clutter is just trash piling up standing in the way of seeing things. SO TRUE. Pack rat no more!

Well, my clutter fest was cut short Saturday when I heard a dog yelping in the most horrific fashion. I run outside to find out a pitbull had ran up onto my neighbors porch and drug a sleeping beagle off of it mauling it near to death. Normally I wouldn't even dare come near two animals fighting, but i guess that fight of flight response kicked in and my brian said "FIGHT" and i flew out the door to think I was some sort of rescuer and I'd some how grab whatever I saw and beat the ever loving whatever out of this dog to get it off. I noticed my neighbors weren't home and thankfully before i had time to go intervene their other neighbors ran over clobbering the pitbull with metal horseshoes, the dog ran off, the other neighbors went home and there is this little beagle scurring back to his front porch bleeding all over the place unable to lift his head.

I hate confrontation, but lord, if that was my pet I'd want someone to find out whose pet just mauled my dog in my own yard. Mind you ONE we have a leash law in our city and TWO, this beagle was ASLEEP on his own porch WITH an electric fence/collar, so even if the poor thing did get a chance to escape the death grip this pit had on it's neck, it wouldn't be able to run out of it's yard UGH. I have never in my life seen something like this. The damn dog was not even provoked he just straight up attacked this helpless dog.

Anyway I see some kids at the end of the road, my face is flushed and I ask them if it's there dog, the little girl yells back that it is her neighbors, i say "sweetie can youc ome her a minute" I follow her and find where the neighbors live. I see them peeking through the blinds, THEY KNEW their dog mauled something, it has blood all over it when it took off. Rather than knock on the door and start something, since it isn't my own dog, i figure I will leave it up to the police and file a report so my neighbor will know who to go after for vet bills when they get home.

So I call the police, who take a hot minute to show, they get the info, (very nice may i add) and proceed toward the owner of the pits house. I say "can I get a report fo my neighbors" they say "we won't do that animal control will an dthey are on teh way". I head back to my cul de sac and check on teh dog when animal control officer tells me his in enroute. This poor thing is bleeding everywhere and still manages to wag it's tail at me. I walk back to my yard and wait when the police come back and want to look at how bad the dog is injured, so i show them. then they ask me what the animal control officer said. they wait in the cul de sac until he shows, they speak to each other first then the animal control officer comes back to me and we go to the injured dog and he takes his collrs off to look. When he does the whole one side of his neck flops over. This make sme cringe make me infuriated that idiots can own dogs and make them that way and let htem loose! if a dog like that attacks anotehr dog unprovoked, who is to say if my almost 2 year old was out in the yard he wouldn't of charged him. Well, I can tell you that dog would of been dead as well as it's owners if htat were the case!

The animal control officer is teary eyes and leaves to go talk to the owners of hte pit bull. He comes back with teh dog in a cage, and tells me that a report will be rady wednesday for my neighbors and get smy info and leaves.

Don't call me a pit hater either, bc our dog is half pit, and we have owned one. If it were any other breed that attacked my neighbors dog I would of done the same thing. So then 20 minutes after teh animal control officer leaves, my neighbors pull up and I rush over trying to avoid his grandkids from seeing the dog like that..but they still see but seem un phased by it (thankfully) I tell them the dog attacked thers and that I wen ahead and found out who owned it and called the police and their report would be ready wednesday and they go ahead and thank me and rush the dog to the vet.

That whole ordeal took up a good 3 hours on a Saturday. I hope I never see that again. Seriously.

Now if I could just find more time to finish this room I'll be ecstatic:)