Saturday, January 22, 2011

A trip to Harris Teeter..

My friends here have been couponing like crazy (Kristina & Regina) and I am so inspired by their deals that if I see something they get on sale I need I find the ocupons and also go. LOVING their posts! Today I learned Johnson & Johnson full size baby products were olny 3 bucks each, and I was able to use a manufacturer coupon for 3 bucks off any 3 and another store coupon as well as another manufacturer coupon..then lysol toilet bowl cleaner (that i use on my counters too, dont laugh it's the same thing and cleans everything) was on sale 2 for 3 bucks, I used a 1 off 2 coupon and a 50 cent off that doubled and go them for 49 cents each:) my total was right at 4 bucks (pre taxes) for all of this that would of cost more retail price:

THANK GOD for coupons!! <3 I think I am set on J&J baby wash for a few, esp. since I bought some last week also on sale and only paid one buck:)

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