Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Farmhouse Bed // Ethan's Room Re-do on a budget

So, after Christmas, we are usually in a bit of credit debt, after the kids and family spending. But, we also end up with money or gift cards around this time as well. Every year, I have used it to put towards the house or something for the kids. Last year Ethan's crib was recalled and we took it back to get half of the money back. We used it to purchase wood to make the toddler farm house bed from knock off wood. The lumber was the white pine (cheapest you can get at lowes) and it cost 65 just in lumber, but well worth it for a sturdy SOLID wood bed.

This year, it is Ethan's turn to get a room re do. Ethan never really had a room to be honest, he has just slept in our room all this time. His we meant well and had intentions of him having his own nursery, but it just never worked out. I even have the crib bedding still NEW in the package (oops). So here is the toddler farmhouse bed that Doug built for Ethan. All he has to do is add center slats and the end cap on the foot board, I LOVE IT! I hate to want to stain anything that looks this beautiful naturally but I am thinking it will be a dark finish:

Please ignore our den, it is currently the "multi purpose room". As you can see I still have yet to stain the craigs list dresser. Which may be Ethan's, but since MiMi's just broke and is ratty we may just use it for her and build Ethan a smaller one.

This is Ethan's room before (the clutter room):

And hopefully in two weeks you will see the cute and custom design I am doing for it from scratch :) I promise it is going to be really cute and on a budget:) I ordered his bedding (which has still yet to process), and I just bought his toy storage from target for 59, which I later found out was on sale the following week for 38 :( Don't ya hate that? lol

Mostly, I just want little man to have a room so our bedroom and living room becomes less cluttered :) Can't wait to share later!

One thing though, I am seriously contemplating moving MiMi into his room since it's bigger and him into hers, Ohhh, decisions..

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