Monday, January 10, 2011

Next Upgrade?

New doors. We could do the door itself, but it will take too much work to line everything up to fit the existing frame work (which is not even level in some cases). In the long run it will actually be more cost efficient to buy pre hung. It's less than 70 bucks per door, with the framework, casing, door, pre drilled and hung. All we have to do is knock out the old doors and framework and measure the rough in and go at buying the new interior doors. We'll need 6 total, and to be honest, even though it's 70 a pop, it sure does look better than the ugly wood slabs I painted white, and the fact it is more modern, comes WITH the nice casing, MUCH less work for me. But until then, since our foyer and pantry doors are odd shaped, I am just replacing the doors on those with bifold paneled doors. I started with buying the foyer door last night at lowes for 45 bucks. It will go here:

When we bought the house in 04 the trim & door were green, I painted both (didn't do the entire casing around this door though) but plan to replace it anyway. Can't wait to get this house to be more and more like the home we want. The rancher really has come a verrrry long way.