Saturday, January 15, 2011

It is a good day when..

It is a good day when, you get all of this for only 4 bucks:

I looooove restores!!! <3 <3 and my friend who told me about it, she is my life saver!
Seriously, they take products that wal mart wont sell because customers opened and sniffed it, and instead of paying 5-8 bucks for a box of Gain dryer sheets? Ya get them for 50 cent to a buck 50.

I LOVE GAIN! Apple mango tango is my fav! You can usually find a restore by searching your local yellow pages, or calling a church and asking if they know of one, as they tend to be non profit organizations run by churches.

Then I come home to a small box in my mailbox. I open it to find these beauties (wrapped in hot pink tissue paper, so cute!):

Oh, Physician's Formula, you are spoiling me!! I can NOT wait to try these out and I will tomorrow. Best FACE makeup in the world. Covers all my horrible acne! Literally! This makeup does wonders for me, it's literally night and day. Remind me to post a before and after picture.

This should be interesting considering I am having a horrendous break out as we speak. (blame my love for the sweets and bad foods, don't believe that bad food doesn't cause acne, BECAUSE it really does). If I eat healthy my skin is clear, but I am a gluton and well, that's my punishment I suppose lol.

Then Doug gave me a $25 gift card to kohl's that he got FREE for cashing in his visa rewards points. Hmm, what to buy? Well, I was tickled that these polos were normally 13 bucks a pop, then they were 2 for 13 (6.50 each), but on sale for 4.55 a piece!! oh my, yes! I bought 3 and got the pants for 9, so I only ended up paying 47 cent out of pocket! :)

And Ethan now has some summer clothes (3t? you are thinking? yes, my son is super tall for his age).

So, I am very tickled to have gotten everything you see on this page and to have only spent 4.47 out of pocket;) It makes my entire day!!

But the icing to the cake?!

Netflix sent in my Season 2 disc 1 of Mad Men!! My faaaaavorite tv show!! I just discovered mad men this summer, and watched random episodes from season 2. I came home to find season 4 was starting and watched it and loved it, so even though I only watched part of season 2 and the whole season 4, it was STILL my favorite show, which speaks VOLUMES! I watched season 1 and finally am starting fresh on season 2 and working my way up to 3. Hopefully between kids and breaks by time I am done with season 3 on netflix, season 5 will start. I CAN'T wait!!

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