Friday, January 14, 2011

Our bedroom + farmhouse queen bed

I made a post not too long ago about our farmhouse queen bed being completed. The photos weren't too great, and the bed wasn't even made.

I was apparantly just excited that the bed itself was finally done that I didn't care to make it up hehe. That and the queen bedding we had showed the box spring (bleh).

Buying a new bedding set currently is not in the budget.

Then I remembered 3 years ago, I had purchased a california king 8 piece set from LNT online. I know, "california king, WHAT"!? Well, for 30 bucks I couldn't let it go, that's A TON of fabric for cheap! So I bought it.

And it sat in what will be Ethan's room for 3 years. Today I thought, okay let me attempt to wash this at home and give it a try. THANKFULLY my cheap old washer took it and didn't have problems. The fabric is so pretty:

Who knew california king would work on a queen sized bed? It hides the box spring perfectly:) Excuse the coloring, I'll take a better picture when it's daylight to get more accurate colors for the bedding, this was taken at night and in one i used open shutter/no flash so the tint is yellowed (oops) // also disregard that drop cloth lol:

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