Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My art skills (or lack there of).

I always liked to draw (stick people). One year as a sophomore I had a class I didn't like, my sister suggested I try to get in her art II class. I thought great, except I didn't take art I. So I went to the guidance office and they asked me if I took art I, I lied and said yes. I was a quiet nerd, with A's and B's so no one thought to check my transcript from freshmen year.

I got into art II and bluffed my way through it, Then as a senior I took art 4, it was obvious I never taken art I at that point. The kids in my class had work that looked like it jumped straight out of a photograph.

Mine? Well, lol, let's just say ..erm..let's just NOT say ;)

Some how I can wing little things and I can shade awesome with colored pencils, half rear with crayons and painting? Well, I can't paint to save my life (unless it's a wall lmfao).

So I wanted something for Ethan's sock monkey room re do. I ventured etsy, and I loved everything pretty much, but I'm pretty much broke and so I figured I'd just have to suck it up and try to draw my own. I broke out the 18x12 giant sketch pad form high school (yes, really). And I freehanded this guy :) Then I didn't have colored pencils..sooo..I just used crayons..not too shabby:

And, well? It is a kids room, so it can be imperfect:D
Back to Art II? Well this was one of the first projects I did in high school art (way back in gosh 98-99). - Man, I am old, do not remind me ;P

For some reason it's always been one of my favorites :)

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