Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best $6.25 ever spent at Harris Teeter (couponing)

Harris Teeters weekly ad goes out every Wednesday. So I was late in the game trying to catch deals by going Saturday.

But I am GLAD I waited. Why? My 110$ Proctor and Gamble coupon book came TODAY literally as we were loading the kids in the car to go. THANK YOU proctor and gamble for the FREE coupon book!!

With the book & other coupons here is what I got today (you can do the same if you have a Harris Teeter, and the P&G coupon book)! This week is great because it's super doubles week (any coupon up to 1.98 will double):

All the of the 30 ounce gain dish soap was COMPLETELY free! P&G had coupons for 1 off that doubled (ht had them on sale for 1.99 each) I also had a coupon from a at home mailer gain sent me, and some coupons from last sundays paper. BLESS :)

The old spice deoderant was also FREE after the $1 off P&G coupon doubled.
The dawn dish soap was also FREE after the 50 cent P&G coupon doubled.
My herbal essence shampoo was 50 cent after the $1 off P&G doubled.
Crest Pro Health Tooth Paste was 99 cent after a $1 off doubled
Always 50 ct. panty liners - 99 cents, with 1 off coupon, tampas 20 ct also 99 cents with 1 off coupon.
Simply Lemonaide was 50 cent EACH after TWO $1 off internet coupons doubled,
soft scrub was about 50 cents each with 75 cent off coupons on both doubled.

Seriously, best deal ever!!! Thank you Proctor & Gamble, & Harris Teeter!

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