Saturday, February 5, 2011

$17.89 worth of stuff on sale and I didn't pay a thing! made 1.11 profit!

How did I make 1.11 off of everything pictured?? EASY:) I'll tell you how.
CVS soaps above are normally 4 a piece. They were on sale for 3 each. They had a special where if you spend 15 worth in those bottled softsoap or irish springs you earn 5 ecb's (CVS store credit that prints on your receipt and you use like cash) back :)

I had 12 in ecb's from this month that I got from buying physician's formula (buy 10 worth get 7 ecb, and revlon, buy 10 worth get 4 ecb) I use both makeups so I made money off those as well as an extra ecb for fall spending.

So my total was 15 pre taxes, I applied the 12 ecb from this month and my total was 3 bucks, I paid 3 out of pocket and was give 5 ecb's back, so that is like MAKING 2 bucks out of it all:D

Then I went to target and used the printable 2 off any aveeno face care product. I wanted the clear complexion bar but they did not have it. So I found this one instead for 2.89. With my coupon I paid 89 cent.
So 2 profit from earlier - 89 = me being ahead $1.11 :) Not bad!!

Or if you want to be technical I spent 3.89 out of pocket and now have 5 bucks to use at CVS the next time. And the best way to keep doing this is to save your ecb's for when they have buy something get ecb deals and you'll always make money back:D Gotta love it!!

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