Monday, February 14, 2011

How to get free stuff + make money towards your next purchase at CVS! (extrabucks explaination).

Want to know how I got this for FREE & made 55 cents off it? Okay, so I admit the coupon bug has hit me (hard). I am not an extreme couponer in that I am still to broke to buy extra newspapers for the extra coupons, (because knowing my luck I will spend the money go to the store and waste gas for them to be out of said item). hehe. But I will always buy something with a coupon I NEED because it really is saving money then. And if it is something I use a lot, then I won't hesitate to buy an extrapaper if it's a good deal (I think I'd raid someones recycle pile first though).

My favorite way to save money has been CVS. I want to tell you how to do this in the easiest way possible, because I have saved so much money.

First thing is first, if you do not have a member cvs card, ask the cashier for one. These are FREE, they work like harris teeter and foodlions mvp cards. Cashier will scan them, you get the stores deal and you are also rewarded extrabucks on items that qualify.

To find out what items earn extrabucks for the week, you can check out the stores website, the sundaypaper, or the instore ads, as well as the shelves where items will be marked with extrabuck earning purchases.

Extrabucks print out on your receipt, and you SAVE THEM and gaurd them like cash :) When you redeem them you give them to the cashier WITH your cvs member card he/she will scan your card and the extrabucks and then your extrabucks are applied to your purchases.

The way I am constantly getting freebies or money makers is, I will ONLY buy items WITH extrabucks that EARN extrabucks.

When you first start you will have to spend money to make extrabucks, you can use coupons to earn extrabucks so it's not so high a cost though. For instance, when I first started, I bought revlon makeup and earned 4 extrabucks off a purchase of 10 dollars worth of makeup, I also bought physician's formula and earned extrabucks off that. This wasnt' a problem for me because I needed to buy these items anyway.
I also earned 1 extrabuck for signing up and falls pending. So this left me with 12 extrabucks.

The following week I checked the paper for items earning extrabucks (see previous journal entry) They had a sale of soft soap and irish springs, for 3 each, spend 15 dollars earn 5 extra bucks. So I bought 5 large bottles of liquid soap, used my 12 extrabucks and paid 3 out of pocket, but earned 5 extrabucks back, so it was a 2 dollar money maker.

This week I didn't have any good coupons, so I looked for items that would earn extrabucks that I needed.

The herbal essence shampoo was on sale 2 for $5.97. This is cheaper than wal mart. I went in and bought my favorite kind (for pin straight hair) and used my 5 extrabucks from last week, which made my total 97 cents, after taxes my total was 1.45.

Then at the bottom of my receipt printed my extra bucks for 2 dollars:

When you do the math I paid 1.45 out of pocket, but got 2 extra bucks back making my items inevitably FREE with a 55 cent profit :) I can now use my 2 dollars when I find something else I will use that earns extrabucks, and if I can find a coupon for the next item, then even better for me.

CVS is amazing, and I love them for having the extrabucks, and you really do learn to eye things and find out what will make you money and save you money and give you free things by eye balling the ads!


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