Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super cute build a bear - SOCK MONKEY!

Okay, so my friend, Brandy posted a link on my facebook a couple weeks ago with a build a bear sock monkey. It was the cutest sock monkey I had seen and since I am doing Ethan's room with the sock monkey theme, I could NOT pass it up. It was only 22 bucks, but after shipping and taxes 33. It came today & I have got to say, it is ENTIRELY TOOOOO stinkin' cute!!
(ignore the clutter behind this adorable sock monkey from build a bear, I am FAR from being able to do Ethan's room, something always comes up..)

Good thing Brandy showed me this when she did because when I was checking shipment status a day ago it said it was already discontinued. *whew*!!! JUST IN TIME!!! c'mon build a bear, this little thing is toooo cute for you to already discontinue! I know other mom's are into the sock monkey craze too! :)

There ya go, a picture using flash is more true to the detail..

THEY MATCH :) My son loves this thing. Don't let the non looking at the camera fool you. Just my luck my own child is not a fan of his mamarazzi photographer mom!

This was only sold online too! Maybe it will be back, I hope so because I would definatley order another one for MiMi. It is the cutest thing ever!!

Now, only if I could find time to do Ethan's room...SOON, I promise lol!! Things here have just been so chaotic. The man of the house is always working, I am always raising the kids, trying to pretend I am the Betty Draper of Mad Men, when in reality I am the chunky susie home maker. :D


  1. Awww, too cute! The sock monkey AND your son! Can you believe that they sold out in a day? :O

    1. Thank you so much!! :)) - I heard they sold out pretty fast, had no idea t was a day! wow :D Glad I was able to snag one, it is his favorite :))