Friday, February 11, 2011

mmm i love guacamole

Gee, I really hope I spelled that right;)

I fell in love with guacamole at a local mexican restaurant one day, when my sister said "try the green dip". Oh my world, was it heaven!

I ordered these avocados from Schwann's.

I can't remember how much they cost, but at any rate, when I got them, I thought oooh they are not guacamole as advertised. They sat in my freezer for a good 5 months, then I thought, maybe I read it wrong. I dug it out and of course I was wrong.

They come like this:

two avocado halves. You are to mash them up inside the bag and you get instant guac! mmm!!

Sorry I was having one of those fat moments and had to share:)


  1. i was going to order those when i still could get schwans stuff..but never did. :) glad they were good! this is totally making me want guacamole!

  2. Girl, I could eat it all day :) If you ever come back out this way I will treat you to Mi Casitas and we will have Gauc with our chips hehe!