Saturday, February 5, 2011

$35 kohl's FABRIC shower curtain for $12 bucks

Two weeks ago I was at Kohl's and saw a shower curtain for 35 bucks with no sales mark down. There were only two left and I knew I wanted it but was too cheap to pay 35 for it (although well worth it).

I knew it would look GREAT in our recently remodeled bathroom with neutral gray/green walls.

I passed on it. This week we got a $5 off coupon for signing up in the store for the email list, then Kohl's emailed us another 15% off entire purchase coupon for the week.

PERFECT! We headed to Kohl's today & the shower curtain was on sale for 20! with 15% off that made it 17..with the additional 5 off, that dropped it down to 12 bucks!! I LOOOVE IT!! love, love, love!!!

Green and blue are my fav colors ever! mixed with beige and dark brown and it's perfect! it tyes the new remodeled budget bathroom in sooo nice!!

We will do the ceramic tile work for the tub walls and floors soon!! I can not wait!! It has been 6 year worth of saving to just come this far and I couldn't be more pleased with how the 65 rancher is coming about! :D She looks amazing compared to the old leafy green one!!

There ya go, you can see the built in shelving I was talking about on the old post. It used to be ALL golden oak, I painted it bright white when we moved in. it's perfect!

He's so good at hanging up stuff;D Can't wait to install the ceramic tile!!

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