Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shabby Chic Dresser Revamp!

When we first had our daughter, we were so broke.

I mean, it, it was hard. But we managed to make ends meet and live the simple life.
I remember we didn't have any money that first year at all. My sister gave us her old 80's faux wood veneer dresser. (complete with the fan design) lol!!

I really wish I had a before photo (and I did at one point until my old computer crashed).

Anyway, it was peeling veneer, brown faux wood. I knew what I wanted right away, I painted it bright white in semi gloss kilz paint from wal mart.

It sat for years on end in her room that way.

Recently I purchased faux crystal pink knobs and just screwed them into the old pull holes. As of right now they are center..but I am contemplating removing them, putting wood putty in them and sanding and painting and adding the crystal dresser knobs to the ends of the dresser. I am still undecided.

Either way it's come a looong way, and i'm so mad at myself for not having before photos:(

And here is the shabby chic dresser re do, it's perfect for her room!!

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