Thursday, February 24, 2011

Physician's Formula - Organic Wear Mascara Review

I'm sure you know I love Physician's Formula by now. If you don't, I am surprised because I rave about it constantly. Some time back when I first got a facebook I was looking up companies I liked so I could add them to my facebook page. Physician's Formula was probably the first one I looked up.

During this time of following their facebook page, they were very generous with fans and offered us a chance to try their products before it hit the retail store shelves.

I signed up as user girlxmom on and some time later I was introduced to many of their new products. The happy booster blush was one that I liked, another was the Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Serum. I loved it so much I have purchased 3 more right away.

Yesterday, I was sent a full sized tube of their Organic Wear Mascara in the pretty green metalic leaf tube.

I really was verrrry skeptical. I am a die hard true blue brand loyal mascara addict to Maybelline. I use their volume express and then their "the falsies" to achieve the lashes I desire. When combined it gives a great look.

Well, here it is, Physician's Formula has outdone themselves! I only used 2 coats on upper and lower lashes and INSTANTLY have full thick eyelashes. (See my before and after photo) I have non existant lashes as you can tell.

With Maybelline I was having to put on a few coats, and use TWO of their different mascaras to get the look I desired, but it didn't matter to me. Physician's Formula takes one less coat and I only need to use ONE mascara to achieve the same look.

I like that this mascara doesn't clump. it does seem a little less wet when putting it on as compared to maybelline, which makes me wonder if it will run out quicker.

Either way, I will DEFINATELY be purchasing this again and again and again! Lashes do SO MUCH for a persons eyes and this mascara is the key to brightening up those dull tired eyes :)

And here is both eyes with the mascara, what a difference, right?!

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