Friday, February 18, 2011


Just some random near 2 am babbling. We'll call it "random facts". I would like to know random facts about you as well, dear reader :)

* I recently discovered the joys of using night moisturizer on my face, when I realized my skin wasn't getting any younger.

* I made and broke diets all month. I am destined to be 'large and in charge' forever. this makes me hate myself even more.

* The sunshine is finally coming out and I noticed I am less miserable. Maybe all these years I was told I was bi polar, I as just seasonally depressed. no..I am just a nut case in general.

* I am jaded, withdrawn, and socially awkward the last few months. BADLY. I am a poster child for depression, but I can't seem to get out of the rut. It comes and goes. I guess this falls back into being bi polar. That or I realize how much I truly suck in general. *laughing* because what else can you do?

* I don't like change, I need a constant or my whole entire day is ruined, or I feel stressed. On the other hand I like random spontaneous things. (I should really make up my mind).

* I had a very long and stressful day, and the loves and I were not getting along. I was cleaning and asked him to take mimi to my parents. in the process I thought I'd feed Ethan and get him to bed and relax. But Ethan had other plans and had one of his gagging fits over food and proceeded to projectile vomit on me, himself and everything else within a close proximity. The rest of the hour ensued my bathing him, washing chunkgs out of his and MY clothes, doing laundry and re feeding him. :l
so much for a break? lol

* I like to complain a lot online, so it's okay if you do not like me, I don't favor myself either most days, so let's be in the "i dislike group".

* I keep meaning to finish Ethan's room but, something else always comes up.

* I am in love with January Jones Mad Men. errr, make that both..

* I am craving coca cola because it's so sweet!

* When I realize my kids are getting older, it depresses me, because for the majority of my 20's I have been just a "mom" and I don't want to be alone. Oh gosh, I am such a clinger parent. My poor kids haha.

* Hugs are the best drug. I never get them :(

* I should really be in bed.