Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fabric Decoupage (modge podge) to the 70's Craigslist Dresser Redo:)

In my previous blog, (click here) I showed you the 1970's Craigslist dresser redo I did for my daughter. I kindly refer to her previous state as "the beast".
As you know, the beast had some pretty interesting drawers.
Some sort of Independance theme.
Totally cute for the time period the dresser was around - I am sure - but not so fab for a little girl.

I was going to buy new fabric to decoupage the dresser drawers, but funds became extremely tight, and as cheap as it sounds, I just could NOT afford to splurge on fabric. ((It happens))..

About that time I remembered that nearly 6 years ago, MiMi was a few months old, I was toting her on my hip in a local Wal Mart and they were doing away with their fabric section. I had spotted a pink & red funky fabric, & being only a dollar a yard I had the strong impulse to purchase 3 yards of it.

I had no idea what I would do with it, but I liked it enough to buy it.
AND hang onto it for 6 years.

That's when it dawned on me, this would be PERFECT for the dresser drawer liners.
All I would need to do was try and cut it to size, slap on some mod podge and call it a day.

I always say this, but I will say it again:
Isn't it funny how EVERYTHING seems meant to be.
Simple things like this fabric I have held onto for so many years as my 6 year old was a small baby and here I am using it on something for her now.

It makes my heart smile a little :)
Yes, I am a nerd and have no social life, obviously).

I have finished the first process:
cutting, mod podging the drawers and laying the fabric in.

Tomorrow I will put the Mod Podge on top once it cures and call it a done deal. I love it so far, and my daughter does as well.
(click images to enlarge)
Fabric, meet old drawer design.

(click images to enlarge
Mod Podge added to drawer.

(click images to enlarge)
Pretty, Pretty!

(click images to enlarge)
Before & After.

(click images to enlarge)
The beast, all I can say is, You've come a long way baby!

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