Sunday, July 3, 2011

Painting the Wooden Trim Work!

Ever since I bought the '65 rancher, I have hated her ugly trim work. I painted the baseboards white 6 years ago, leaving the wooden quarter rounds untouched. I have painted most of the wooden doors and door casings, and some was left in all her hideous glory.

But first; my foyer. I bought a replacement paneled door (not up yet) and finished painting over the remaining hunter green the previous owner's SO LOVED.

So here is a before:

The quarter rounds before:


I really do think painting the quarter rounds have added a nicer look to the baseboards :) This makes my heart smile a little. A simple change has made a NICE improvement! I will be sure to update more when I paint and hang the new door.

The next day I tackled the hallway baseboards and door trims.
I had to take the door off its hinges

I think when I eventually get it all done I will take a photo of the entire hallway. I will end up having to replace the old doors with paneled ones (they are under $30). I refuse to spend time sanding them so the paint will stick, I'd rather pay $30 for a new door and use the old hardware and spray paint it. Wish me luck on that endeavor.

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