Sunday, July 3, 2011

All of this for $10.72 at CVS :)

I haven't been on my usual couponing kick.
(Why bother, it's almost always out of stock when it comes to deals). However, I was in need of toilet paper, and dryer sheets, and figured since I had two extra bucks (one for $5.99 & one for $2.50) I would figure a scenario to get the most bang for my buck!

CVS emailed me a printable coupon for $5 off the purchase of $25.

Combined with my extrabucks that would be an automatic saving of $13.49 off $25! So I scoured the Sunday sales advertisement to see what I could get for $25 and what else I had coupons for.

I came up with these items:

* Charmin 16 pack on sale for $9.99
(.25 coupon in P&G Sunday paper insert)
* 120 ct. Bounce dryer sheets
(did not clip a coupon)
Now my filler items to get my total to $25 so I could save $5!
* Pantene Pro V Shampoo & Conditioner (2 for $6.97)
($3 off the purchase of 2 from old paper insert).
* Gillette Body Wash On sale for $3 each buy two =$6
(Used buy one get one coupon from previous P&G Sunday paper insert)

Total Before Coupons Applied: $28.95 (not counting sales tax)

- $5 off $25 coupon =
- $5.99 extra buck =
- $2.50 extra buck=
- $3 (for bogo Gillette)=
- $3 for Pantene Pro V =
- .25 for Charmin Toilet Paper =
Add Sales Tax and Total Was $10.72 :)

Now because these products are a "spend $30 in select products get a FREE $10 gas card". I spend $22 (pre coupon) worth toward that goal.

I have to spend $7 to get the gas card, so I will go tomorrow and get 2 more Pantene Pro V @ $6.97 and ONE dawn dish soap @ .99
My total will be $7.96
- $3 coupon & -.50 soap coupon
= $4.46 out of pocket to earn my $10 gas card!

So the 10.72+4.46= $15.18 out of pocket EARNING a $10 gas card (which is always needed & I would get anyway) Means I spent $5 for EVERYTHING at CVS and only paid 10 for my own gas;)

You can't even get all of that for so cheap at Wal Mart! :D


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