Friday, July 22, 2011

What do you do when you are kid free?

I would like to imagine, that most people who never get a kid free moment, like myself, would do a wide variety of interesting things.


Well, I have done the following in the last 7 days:





(a couple mice came in one night and I had to turn to youtube to learn how to set a snap trap. Apparantley I am too stupid to understand the instructions when reading).

SUCCESS! I did catch all 3, I set more traps just incase, but 2 days later I have no more catchs.  My dad, who thinks he is Billy the Exterminator, tells me "Oh, Jenny, they just come in because it's know, it's so damn hot".

Thanks Dad. Yes, YES it is hot. BUT, I can not live with critters. They have no bladder so they pee as they critter along, they poop and their poop carries bacteria and virus'. They are cute, but not cute enough to let me let them infest. They populate way too fast. And the worst thing? The critters often carry fleas. So be sure you mop A LOT if you happen to live in an area with fields and you get the occasional critter mouse, because BELIEVE ME, they WILL leave you with fleas if you are not on it! Everytime I have caught them they have left me with a flea problem. BUT, I started to use murphy's oil soap after I catch them and it seems to kill them off. I haven't seen any (knock on wood) in years. I hope it stay sthat way. I mop every other day and it keeps the bugs out. I loooove murphy's oil soap. BUT I love Pine Sol more.

So I will use Murphy's oil soap to kill off bugs and I will use Pine Sol later because it smells so good for a good 3 days :)

But back to critter mice, I do not want them..

FOR ONE, when they go crittering at night they are so loud I think that someone is either:
a.) breaking in
b.) I have ghosts

Eventually I learned that my home mostly remains ghost free, and the dog wards off anyone who comes a few feet near the gate. Critters be damned! ;P

Today, I sanded and painted Ethan's baseboards bright white (for the sock monkey room). Now that I have painted all that, I will need new doors when we have spare change. And his room shall be set up within the next few days :) (still need to stain his dresser).

and I replaced all the old off white outlet covers with bright white.
Which reminds me, if you ever find yourself unable to find a flat head screwdriver (I must of found 10 Phillip's screwdrivers but not a flathead to be found)..just use a tweezer's flat edge.
(I know my hands are ugly, please do not remind me, I have old folk hands) :))

It's hot. It is so hot here. It could always be worse.

Now excuse me while I go finish my sons room and attempt to sing along to "ALONE", by HEART. It is my favorite.

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