Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painting the 60's wood trim

I have seriously been painting trim and baseboards for 3 or more days. My tail bone is killing me. You figure with the extra cushion it wouldn't be, but it is. Oi!

Anyway, here is a before & after shot of my daughter's bedroom during my paint process:

Oh, don't judge, he's adorable! :)

& pretty please, if you can, disregard my clutter. I was doing this at 2 am and working around a sleeping 6 year old and having to move stuff while painting.

In other words. I am so exhausted and full of multi tasking, that while unloading and folding laundry, reloading the dryer and loading the bath mats in to be washed, I was also filling the sink to wash dishes and the tv grabbed my attention. I left the room, thought to myself "what was I doing"? Shrugged and sat down to re fabric my daughter's doll bed when I hear, "JEEEEEEN"!!

Yep, I, the girl who loses her keys while holding them in her OWN hand, forgot to turn off the sink. OOPS.

If this is not a clear indication that I am one overworked mama, I don't know what is. hehe. I don't even want to think about how bad my memory will be when I am in my 50's (God willing). At 28, I constantly question myself...

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