Friday, July 22, 2011

i LOVE Wally World right now!!

The other day I was on facebook browsing status updates & seen Wal Mart's, mentioning they had Hello Kitty shirts now. I thought this was great because I used to shop Target for it, and surely, Wally would be cheaper, right?

I needed a new mop anyway, since I left my metal mop in diluted bleach for two days and it corroded the bottom bar right off (oops).

I also needed my critter (mice) snap traps (see post below).

Why not check out the new Hello Kitty. I mean, while I was there anyway, right? ;)

So I get my mop, I get my critter traps.
I am looking crazy and anti social because I am not used to being out of the house with out my kids. I mean seriously, I never realized how shy I can be when no one I know is around me. It's almost sad.

Nevermind, I speed walk to the kids isle and find the Hello Kitty shirts. WAY cuter than Target's! I see they are 8-10 bucks a pop. I go ahead and grab two I like.

As I am fixing to leave I see a lone clearance isle with my daughter's boyfriend (haha), Justin Bieber. (Well, shirts anyway). ooooh, clearance! I do like!

I liked even more the price tags were only $3!!


Gosh, just what a broke mama loves to see!
An affordable Justin Bieber merchandise rack!

I find the two cutest long sleeve shirts I can find and a hoodie.

Then I hurry to checkout so I can hurry up and get home, because God forbid anyone try to socialize with me I will be entirely awkward and embarass myself ;)

She rings me up and my total is only 26 bucks. I don't think anything of it because the cashier & I are busy talking about her boyfriend's er MALE friends love of Justin. And she has me in stitches and I am thinking, well, maybe I am not so socially awkward after all.

Minus the part, I am totally laughing like I am 12 with an 18 year old girl and I am 28. :) Bless her heart!

I get home and look over my receipt to notice the $3 shirts rang up for only $1.50 each! :) and the hello kitty shirts only rang up for $3 each!

My lucky day!! :)

So now my daughter has a couple things I can add to her school clothing pile and I can bargain hunt the rest before school starts in late August.