Sunday, October 30, 2011

100% FREE book page wreath (Photo Tutorial to follow tomorrow)..

I have been eyeing the book wreaths online for a year now. I was going to attempt one last week, but forgot to buy the foam wreath form at wal mart when I went with my daughter. (my memory is so bad these days).

After sitting around and trying to google a way to make a book wreath with JUST a wire hanger to NO avail, I decided I can do this on my own with a little creativity. I grabbed an old wire hanger and had Doug bend it into a circle for me (they are seriously not easy to bend into a perfect circle).

Once he did that I found an old car manual (my sister's ex boyfriends chevy s-10 to be exact). It was a good ten years old and the pages already had that aged yellow tint to the edges. YAY !!

I started to roll the pages and punch them onto the hanger one by one. TONS of pages later I bunched them all together and then carefully folded the wire to overlap. At the moment an ugly ribbon holds it up, but I will buy a thicker nicer one on my next craft store rendevous (spell?).

I love it! but best off all? it's 100% F R E E !! everyone has an old wire hanger and book (you can use newspaper also if need be.

Tomorrow I will post the step by step photo tutorial here:) So check back tomorrow night!! :)

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