Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Fall-O-Ween!!

I've finally (2 days shy of Halloween) gotten the kids fall pics done. I figured it'd be too much work to do the traditional Halloween costume photo, so I just wanted some fun fall ones.

My son is still not much for posing, he'd rather poke his sissy in her face or run around screaming and laughing. *haha*. But I managed a few.

MiMi's outfit is all gymboree. I am far too cheap to EVER buy gymboree full price, The sweater dress I got for 13 bucks one year when it was summer and on fall clearance. The tights were on sale too - they probably weren't even for this line, but I figured they'd match and I picked them up.  The boots are from the Panda Academy line, and I got them paired with the plaid Panda Academy jacket when they were marked down with a coupon for 15 each. I LOVE the colors.  Ethan's outfit? the pants and shoes were from ThredUp. The old navy cable knit sweater I bought off ebay for 99 cent, and the green polo? Also ThredUp :) I love being a frugal mama!

There ya go, my son in full action, being his random self. Hugging his sister - well - on her head hehe:)  I love the totally random moments a camera can capture <3 I so love them!! The kids had a great Saturday. First Ethan had a much needed hair cut.  Then we went to a local produce / farm to pick those mini pumpkins (in above photos).  The kids each got a pony ride and then we went to Wal Mart, so I could spend some coupons.  Nothing super, but Wal Mart DID have the best deals on Mr. Clean for the buy 2 get one free coupon. the 48 ounce bottles are $2.48, so two for 4.96.  Then throw in the freebie and it's 3 for $4.96 :) I got two of the original gain scents (freaking heaven by the way, my house smells super, I use it on everything! counters, fridge, floors, moulding and trim, doors etc). And a fabreeze sent (not sure which).  I also used the $1.50 mars candy printables to score two bags of candy bars for a buck each (hi, trick or treaters, you will love me this year!) hehe!

Here's an indoor photo I took of my daughter. Sometimes indoor lighting works better. - I need to get one indoors of my son also, but he totally passed out when we went to another pumpkin patch to get larger pumpkins. Daddy decided he wanted to carve some biggun's and so...the rest was history..

Target has also had some great online deals here lately. I picked up a 5 piece lip gloss set for 99 cents (s&h included) and a squinkies gum ball set for $3.55 (s&h included). Steals!!! :) both will be used as stocking stuffers, just not sure for whom yet.  My next post will have more photos from the day.  As for now? I am just entirely drained & need sleep - desperately. Sleep well, loves!!! I hope your fall is going as lovely as mine!!

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