Saturday, February 20, 2016

31 weeks, 4 days

So much has been going on.  We went to Fayetteville for our 4D ultrasound on the 13th.  Unfortunately, our little guy was frank breech. (Bottom down, feet and arms in face).  THANKFULLY, we were invited back for a free re scan. This facility was beyond amazing.  We returned 5 days later on the 18th and got a sneak peak of our little chubby baby.  I am so in love.  He's been measuring large since about 22 weeks.  I have another growth scan with the MFM on Wednesday, and they'll give me a weight estimate then.

My blood pressure has come down some on it's own, so that makes me beyond thrilled. I'm swelling a lot these days, but that's expected when you're bordering on pre eclampsia.

I'm hoping i can keep it at bay.  On Friday, I have my regular OB appointment with one of the resident doctor's, and they will reschedule my repeat c section.  It should be between 38-39 weeks.  I guess that all depends on my blood pressure and how much protein I start to spill over the course of my next few visits.  WISH ME LUCK!

MiMi & Ethan are so excited! - They also have birthday's coming up (11 & 7..YIKES).. so I went ahead and broke out my studio equipment and got their birthday photos done up.

 I did Ethan's now, because likely the baby will come on or before his birthday.  As of now, he isn't jealous about the possibility of sharing his birthday.  I also intend to do the kid's birthday party together this year for the same reason.  I'm hoping to do it at a bounce house venue.

Thankfully, my tax refund covered a majority of the baby items we still needed. Both of our sister's gifted us wonderful things as well.  Then of course, there's my amazon diaper stash - I took most of them out of the boxes, but no biggie.
         This was one of my favorite things I had when Ethan was a newborn, 
so I had to buy it again.  I suggest getting it at 
Wal Mart - it's about $20 cheaper there:

Baby clothing, towels, swaddlers, blankets etc:

Baby Bath, Storage Bin with all his blankets, tons of diapers and a play yard box:

Bought this bouncer on amazon:

Even more diapers, and wipes, the basket has bottles and other random things for breast feedings, etc.

I hope everyone has been well! I am going to try and do a little bathroom DIY before baby comes and I'll post before and afters then.

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