Friday, February 12, 2016

Pregnancy Updates

I haven't blogged much. What else is new? haha.  To be honest it was getting way too uncomfortable sitting at the trusty old desktop. My dad went out and got himself a new lap top, and gifted me his old one. SO MUCH BETTER!

So, I guess I should pick up somewhere where I left off in my pregnancy woes.  But first, PICTURES:
                                                                    30 weeks along:

Where my blood pressure has been hanging out these days, and why I'm concerned they won't medicate:
                                                           28 week admission with IVs
                                                      At 26 weeks baby likes to ball up

                                      My beautiful friend, Raven gifted me this diaper bag! I LOVE IT!
                                                      A blanket I crotcheted in FL Gators colors

                                                           I think I was 27 weeks here:

I believe the last time I blogged I was getting a fetal echocardiogram.  Thankfully everything checked out well.  Around 22 weeks my blood pressure started raising. 144/90's.  Since I've had pre eclampsia with my previous two pregnancies, and I wasn't spilling protein, they decided it's just hypertension.

Fast forward to 28 weeks. I go in for one of my high risk ultrasounds with my MFM and my blood pressure stays at 159/96 for three separate readings. YIKES!  So following that ultrasound, she sends me to labor and delivery.  My blood pressure stayed high and unbeknownst to me, I was having contractions. I thought they were braxton hicks, I'm thinking there's no way these are real contractions when the ones I had with MiMi prior to having her c section were so bad I couldn't handle it at all.

BUT, then I remembered being induced probably made those ones a million times worse.

So long story short, I was given IV's to bring my blood pressure down and another to stop the contractions.  I was told my protein wasn't high enough to diagnose as pre eclampsia, but that it is heading that way.  I was diagnosed with gestational thrombocytopenia months earlier for my below normal platlet counts. JOY.

Only, someone who has has pre eclampsia twice, I know darn well give it a couple weeks it will be full blow pre eclampsia...

Once my blood pressure came down, the doctor I saw said he did not want to prescribe a blood pressure medication because he feared it would bring my numbers too low.

SURE?! Hanging in the 160's /almost 100s is healthy though??

I don't have a degree in medicine so I'll go with it - for now.

Today I had my 30 week check up.  Nothing spectacular, but I was elated that instead of gaining the massive 4 pounds every two weeks, I only gained 5 ounces this go round. YAY!  My obgyn office also gifted me a $20 gas card since the resident I saw was running an hour behind while I waited in the exam room. - SO SWEET! - I never complained, I've had MUCH longer waits in my old obgyn office.  But still, what a kind and considerate gesture, and they made this pregnant ladies day!

My blood pressure was decent today 134/90 but my urine showed protein and ketones. Still not high enough to say "you've got that dreaded Pre E again, ma'am".  Like I said, give it another two weeks or so..I know my body, I know how this game works with Pre E. I hate it.

Tomorrow I am traveling to Fayetteville, to have a 4D ultrasound done for Valentines Day.

They have come a long way since MiMi & Ethan.

I'm so EXCITED!! I even called to confirm that the weather wasn't going to get in the way and we were still on for it! I can't wait to see what our little guy looks like.

I'm not having a baby shower, because I've never had one before.  I do need to get a registry up so I can remind myself of what is left to purchase. Until next time....

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