Thursday, October 20, 2016

Guest Bathroom Revamp

Another bathroom, another makeover.  This one was no where near as drastic as the one from my 65 rancher - (the old house), however, it just goes to show what a little paint and accessories can do to brighten things up.

First, let's take a look at the before images.  Let me apologize in advance, for the fact I used my I PHONE for the majority of the photos. I was 35 weeks pregnant when I decided I wanted to sand and paint the bathroom vanity earlier this year. To be honest, I was too lazy to break out my decent camera.

Moving along...
BEFORE: It was a beautiful blue color, but I wanted a calming neutral

 Below: There was just too much going on and it wasn't my personal taste.

I started by painting my bathroom with the left over paint that I used in my bedroom and my kitchen.  It was also a favorite of mine from my old house; Valspar's Lyndhurst Celedon Green. Depending on the lighting this color takes on various shades. The one consistency, is that it is always spa like and calming.

My next step was, replacing the shower curtain and rugs. I purchased a nice ruffle shabby chic shower curtain and rugs from Home Goods. I spent less than $30 on everything. 

 While I like the simple builder grade vanity, I really wanted something brighter. I love white furniture and cabinets, but I've never painted cabinets in my life. I was a little hesitant, even though I have done a number of furniture pieces, this was scary for me...

Below: Before, its nice, but I wanted white

Below: I used a handheld electric sander and took the sheen off the cabinets. I thought about 
using a stripping agent, but I was very pregnant and didn't feel like dealing with the fumes.

I started by priming with Zinnser Primer. I did a total of 
3 coats of primer and I waited a full 24 hours between each coat.

Below: I bought a small can of Glidden paint from Wal Mart that was only $9.
 I picked the whitest paint swatch I could find and had them tint the paint for me.

I ended up doing 2 coats of this paint with 7 days between each coat - I wanted to ensure the paint would adhere and cure properly so that I would not have a messy finished product.  I also allowed 7 days of curing before I placed the doors and drawers back on.  

I found these lovely glass knobs on eBay with hardware included for $3 a pop with free shipping. I've seen similar knobs go for up to $20 a set. I was ecstatic with my find.

The photos below were taken with my actual camera. What a difference that makes, huh?!  I absolutely love the way the new bathroom turned out. It went from a loud and busy bathroom, to a quiet and calm spa like bathroom. I'm pleased that I took the chance and trusted myself enough to do the vanity cabinet painting.  If I could do this in my last trimester of pregnancy, I think ANYONE can. It was a little time consuming, but well worth it.  Stephen even gave me the okay to paint our kitchen cabinets once Danny is a little older and I'm not having to hold him all the time. (haha).

Below: AFTER!! LOVE!!

Below: I also opted for an above toilet storage which I purchased at Wal Mart for $40 on sale.

Cost breakdown of the bathroom revamp:

Note: These items I had on hand. (What they would cost you):

- Bathroom wall paint: Valspar's Lyndhurst Celedon Green in Satin - less than half a gallon 1 coat (about $20)
- Rollers etc - $6 (cheap set from Wal Mart will do).
- Coastal accessories - Free from my old home, but the clear jar was a cookie jar form Wal Mart at $7 I placed starfish inside that you can obtain online or at any coastal shop for dirt cheap, the balls were from Cracker Barrel and cost $4 each
- Above toilet storage - $40

Totals: $ 77

Cabinet Cost:

- Sander - FREE I have this
- Zinnser Primer - $20 with plenty leftover
- Good Paint Brush - $13
- Foam brushes (for sides) $4 for a big bag at Wal Mart
- Glidden paint - $9
- Cabinet pulls $12 for all 4

Total Cabinet Revamp Costs:  $55 (and I have leftover materials for future projects)

Totals For Entire Revamp: $132

I would love to see your DIY cabinet renovations, dear readers! Please feel free to share them with me in the comments :)

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