Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rustic X Farmhouse Tables

Hello, it's me. The blogger who never updates. I am going to blame the lack of sleep with a now 6 month old, and wrangling the house and my two older children. Well, it sounded like a good enough excuse. So, I decided sometime ago, that I was going to re do my living room sometime after Danny was born.  The first thing on my list was to finish these rustic x farmhouse tables.  The big coffee table was built and the two side tables, I decided would be cheaper to obtain through amazon. I of course opted for the open box deals and scored them at half price. Once I put them together, they were stain ready.  I spent two months between a baby still getting up several times at night and managing everything else to finally stain these, and clear coat them. The end results were gorgeous. The two side tables cost me $50 each (shipping included) and the large coffee table was approximately $60 in lumber.  My stain was $15 and the clear coat $10 on sale.  I used foam brushes and old paint brushes to apply. I absolutely love them, and they were much cheaper than buying them at a big box store. They are all solid wood and I am very pleased with the outcome on my budget.

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