Friday, May 28, 2010

And just like that, Pre K is over..

Maybe if I posted more frequently I would have less random topics slammed into one post. Great idea, right? I just need to find the time to follow through.

First things first, today my little MiMi graduated pre K. I am sad that I will no longer be able to see the same faces I'd see walking her to class every day, even if half of them never returned a smile or a hello. :)

The teachers gave the parents the best gift of all; photos of our children throughout the year on a cd. Along with a book they helped the children make chronicling their changes and progression during the year. AMAZING. I absolutely adore the photo cd and I don't want to post the photos b/c other people's children are in it and (well it's the web!) but here is a cap and gown photo the teacher's took of mimi and gave to all the parents:

and this I just had to share b/c I thought it was cute, here is mimi with her first friend on the first day of school back in August of 09:

and here they are today at graduation in may of 10:

is it not crazy how fast our babies grow?

ADORABLE! and here are a few of the photos that were on the cd the teacher's gave us, as you can see this little boy and mimi have been friends throughout the year as well:

This one must of been from christmas time:

and while the school is a uniform school, they did have a couple dress down days:

Oh baby doll, it was just yesterday I was nervous about your first day of school. Worried about whether or not you'd make friends. Worried about how you'd feel if for some reason you were the odd child out. Worried about if you could handle being on your own away from mommy when you had been by my side since the day you were born.

But baby, I must say, it wasn't you that I needed to worry about, because in the end, even as shy as you still may be, it was mommy who missed you and maybe didn't want to see her baby doll grow up so fast. But, baby, I enjoy every moment, I love to watch you grow into a beautiful happy young lady.

And, I must admit, I often wonder what I will feel like when you graduate from high school one day, and hopefully college at some point. I know that no matter what you do in life, or who you become, I will always look back to your first day of pre k and know that it started from your very first day of school:

And I'll know that I could never be thankful enough that you were able to get into pre k when we had missed the deadline and had been put on a waiting list. And I can never be thankful enough that you had such wonderful teachers who took on a career that is underpaid and under appreciated. And I hope one day you will also be thankful for your start in the right direction. I love you MiMi!

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