Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'll be an Auntie soon enough!

Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe my sister is no longer just a 5 minute drive down the road from me. Sometimes I don't get that when I pick up my cell phone and start to dial her number to ask her if she wants to run to wal mart or the mall with me she is no longer in the state. Instead, my best friend is clear across the U.S. from me in California. Where the cost of living would probably do me over. Sometimes, I even find it hard to believe I will be an aunt for the first time in July. So at 29 weeks, my sister looks amazing!! At 29 weeks I think I was much larger (of course) and my nose was starting to take on the robust meatball shape from nanny's kitchen. Dear lord, what happened to me? haha. I am glad to see my sister wears pregnancy well!

I am anxious to meet my niece! I am sad that we are thousands of miles apart, but my sister says she will come visit with baby in tow comes late summer. -It's much harder for me to travel with two children.

Sometimes? Well, I will tell you about sometimes. Sometimes as a child, or a young adult, when you grow up and spend your entire life with your sibling, even if you grow into different groups and have different friends, you are still bonded and feel like they will never leave your side. And somtimes, even into your later twenties, you suddenly realize one day that things do change, even the changes you never imagined to take place, like your best friend/sibling moving so far away.

Sometimes I think life sucks, and sometimes I think it's unfair, but sometimes I look at the bigger picture, that God has a purpose and reason for everything, even if we dislike it, sometimes change is best, and sometimes things fall into place better over the years.

I just miss the days that I had my best friend to confide in, cry to or laugh until my belly jiggled;)

And I wish my niece could grow up around my children and that I could baby sit and all that other great jazz, but I do know that eventually we'll see each other and I can't wait.

I love you sis!! Can't wait to meet Anna Elizabeth!!

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  1. Jenny, this was so touching -- and with my pregnancy emotions running high, I was crying mid blog! It means a lot to me to hear all this, as you know, I feel the same. It is so hard being away from you -- you are and have always been my best friend. And I too hate the fact that I cannot pick up a phone and invite you over or go shopping. It has been a hard adjustment for me here, but it helps knowing that you and others are just a phone call away. It is good to still have that connection -- especially that you send me so many pix of yourself and the kids, that is very my appreciated. I love getting the updates and seeing how quickly they are growing up. I definitely will fly to NC for a week or so, and just enjoy the time with the family and letting everyone meet Anna Elizabeth. She will be a handful on the plane I'm sure! haha. But worth it. Plus me spending $6-700 to fly myself, baby and Mike out is a lot cheaper than everyone flying out here (though I hope everyone can make it at some point in the next year or so). Well, this is becoming a novel. Know I love you and feel the same! XOXO, Mick