Saturday, May 8, 2010

DIY Photo Tutorial - Krylon Milk Bottle Vase

So, a lot of you may have noticed that some country influences are coming back to style in a BIG way. One thing I have noticed throughout the blogosphere is that a lot of people have the old milk jug/bottles as a piece of decore. I've seen them in several stores and they aren't too expensive but here's a way to get one on the CHEAP!:)

All you need is:

- an EMPTY starbucks frappucino bottle that has been cleaned and dried
- Krylon spray paint in the color Satin Ivory (it's a very antique white look)
- A spare ribbon
- Some flowers from your garden bed or fake flowers
(ignore the other jars, I was using them for something else).

First you'll need to place the empty bottle upside down and give it a few coats (allow to dry about 5 minutes between coats)

Krylon drys up pretty fast (gotta love Krylon paints!) and so once your bottle is dry you will use a nice piece of ribbon (I save ribbons of every type for such purposes) and tie it around the bottle.

excuse my bow, I obviously can not master a nice one;)

Next fill the bottle with some water and a tylenol (it helps the plant live longer)
Clip some flowers from your flower bed/area and place it inside. You have an instantly cute little flower arrangement.

here it is at my parents house (ignore the shoddy cell phone resolution).

My daughter had a blast making this for her grandma:)

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  1. Jenny, I LOOOOOVE THIS!! I cannot believe how cute this came out. Seriously, I loove it! And the flower is to die for! I know Mom told me that she loves it! :-) Too cute! Glad you guys are crafty together!! XOXO