Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dresser Re Vamp

Okay, remember months ago I was on the hunt for a dresser for Ethan? But even the wal mart ones were too pricey for me? (yes, say it, I am cheap - I know this).

I'd tried craigslist a gazillion times also to no avail, either no one would respond or it was already taken. (drats).

Then one day I got lucky - oh yes, yes, I did! Not only did I come into a 100 dollar bills (haha). I found a solid wooden beauty on Craigs List for only 60 bucks. I hopped on it, and was glad she wasn't taken. I got even luckier that said couple delivered dresser to my door FREE:D

so 60 bucks later I have this HUGE ole 90's dresser, scratched up, ugly brass pulls, but functional and I have a dream for her!

It only took a couple weeks and i invested in a sanding sponge..and a FUCK TON of elbow grease, but I started the process of making her pretty:

Did I mention hand sanding is a pain in the rear? Well, IT IS..two hours later I finally have the top sanded down to the wood:

annnnd, I took off those gangly 90's brass hooker knobs.

Now, I just need to finish sanding the rest of everything and then she will be an espresso finish and PERFECT for Bubby's room!

Can you tell I am elated to begin this project?

Now let's just hope I finish it, as you can tell my farmhouse bed is still incomplete LOL!

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  1. You are gonna be huuuuuurting in the morning! Lord knows when I do a lot of arm motion, the next day I just want to kill over in pain! LOL!! Good for you though, that is a touch project to take on -- no lie! Proud of you. XXOX Mick