Monday, October 18, 2010

DIY Monogramed PAINTED pumpkin for under 3 bucks!

I have been seeing these vinyl kits to decorate pumpkins ALL over etsy and the web, but I am far too frugal to shellout 10-15 bucks for one. LORD NO.

So I do what I do, and I go to Joann and buy two paints for 1.20 a pop and some ribbon. I use a coupon and my total is right under 3 bucks :D

For someone who can't paint I say I did pretty great:)

Incase you're wondering, yes, my last initial starts with an "M" however my kids and their dad's starts with a "W" :)

So anyway, how to do the font? I went online and googled "curlz font" and you know my butt doesn't even have a printer (with ink anyway) so I had to hand sketch this bad boy (yeah, literally, ignore the chicken scratch):

During the paint process:

Adding dots:

Ta daaaaa, (yes, the little pumpkin is for me "M", it's my way of feeling special haha. No, I'm only kidding, it's for my parents).

Throw it in the yard on a random plant stand and you have yourself a cute little pumpkin (but you may want to keep it on a covered porch incase it rains, the paint isn't water proof, I don't think..)

Seriously, THREE BUCKS!! go make one :D

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