Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sharing some photos from today

Today, while I was being bitter that it's so far into fall (my favorite season) and it's still in the upper 80's here, I snapped a quick photo of my son. From this photo you can't tell in the original he was leaning on my leg as I sat in my usual spot (the mama recliner) and he put on his halloween cowboy hat, because for some reason or another it's his new fav thing to wear.

You can't tell that he was waving his arm bout with my daughter's clear beaded costume jewelry (that looked like something I won't even mention aahhaha). And so I took to the cropping. I am a fan of off centered crops. I am also a fan of upping the color and making things pop. I think I love this photo a ton, because it's random, and it's up close and personal.

And then I took it outside to photograph the bird house in my maples. I bought this on sale at Joann's some time ago, and I am surprised it hasn't rotted from the diverse weather scheme we have had lately over the years.

It's beautiful, and it looks like fall but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe next week..

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