Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still Prepping for Halloween.

I can not lie, Halloween is my favorite holiday, EVER. I love fall so much my living room is fall colors year round. I secretly pray the summer's will be short, and I crave the leaves to turn from my FAVORITE COLOR green into deep reds, oranges, golds, etc. This year the summer's in NC have been insanely long and the heat has been extended well into October. I am mad at this.

I seriously hate the heat. While most girls are ready to break out the flip flops and short shorts, you will NEVER catch me dead in shorts, EVR. :) For one I am chubby for two I anticipate the fall and the cool crisp breeze. I love nothing more then to not use the a/c, and pop open my windows while burning any fall scented candle.

So above is a photo of MiMi in the cat tutu costume dress I made her. So now MiMi and her cousin ( my neice ) will match, even if they are clear across the US from one another. hehe. And in two days I promise to post the tutorial for this costume. IT's too fun and easy not to share with my few subscribers.

So tell me, friends, what is your favorite part about fall? I DARE YA TO SHARE ;) <3

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