Sunday, October 10, 2010

This & That Halloween Black Cat tutu Dress Costume

I just got done making this adorable black cat tutu dress costume for my neice. I know it looks big, but it's the picture. Remind me and I will post the photo tutorial on how to make this exact costume for under 20 bucks :) If enough people are interested I will blog the how to on this pretty. I just shipped it Thursday and I can't wait to see my baby neice wear it.

I love making tutu's SUPER PUFFY & tutu dresses, they are so easy to make, and SO CHEAP!! You'll get a kick out of doing it yourself also :) Besides, what little girl WOULDN'T LOVEEEE a super puffy tutu dress costume! This black cat tutu dress costume is puuuurrrfect for any little girl! :)

I also made MiMi one, and Ethan? Well, I think he'll be a cowboy (I THINK).


  1. Good job! That tutu dress is adorable.

  2. Love this! did you end up doing a tutorial? I would love to see it!