Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank GOD for Ebay!

My daughter is in rec. cheerleading this year. It's her first year doing anything extracuricular. We really had no idea the uniforms would cost over 100 bucks, and with times being tight we really didn't have the money. SO, I took off to hunt on Ebay for the uniform when I learned the cheerleading squard is actually a well known organization across the US.

And with that I found the uniform on Ebay, it was larger then her actual size, but I figured if I could win this I'll be saving money and she can reuse it next year.

THANKFULLY at the last minute when my high bid was out bid, I typed as fast as I could and put in my max bid and as the countdown went to the VERY last second LITERALLY I punched it in and WON!! THANK YOU LORRRRD!!

Now, I only have to buy the black body suit, but the skirt, vest and bloomer alone would of been over 60 bucks based on our price list we were given. I won it for 30 bucks!! THANK YOU WHOEVER LISTED THIS!! Not only that, the sizes ran SMALL so thank GOD it WAS a big size and I went with it and got it anyway :) the vest is a little loose but the skirt is a perfect fit. Now we better sell those raffle tickets and use it towards her bodysuite and pom poms and the showcase in December:)

She loves it:D and so does little brother ;)

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  1. Sooo cute -- the pic of both of them is great!!