Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coupon it up @ Kohl's! :))

I did a lot today. A LOT. First I went to a few pawn shops trying to pawn some scrap gold I have. One place offered me $40, but he was honest and told me where to go to get more. I thanked him so much for his honesty and time and went to the other place. At the other place, I didn't sell my diamonds, because it wasn't going to be near the value they cost. But I did sell some old necklaces I had as a child with Winnie the pooh and other things I'd never again wear. I also had the diamonds removed from an old ring and scrapped the band for gold. All in all I gave a VERY small amount of gold and I made $100.

I was broke, and it would just sit around, so it was a blessing.

I then headed to Kohl's armed with a $10 off any purchase coupon. There I found two shirts for MiMi on clearance, marked down to $6 each (from $20 sticker price).

After my coupon, I only paid $2.14 for both.

It's a great day in this FRUGAL household when you can get a brand new summer top for $1.07 a piece.

I like the little shoulder keyhole. haha.

Tell me, dear readers, what wonderful deals have you scooped up lately??

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