Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Official Diagnosis From Car Accident

Today my ins. co sent me a summary of my billings from the chiro. it enclosed my diagnosis as well.  As I stated previously, the hospital sucked up my med pay and so I am stuck with this (until I settle with at fault company that is).

But here is my official diagnosis' based on the x rays from the chiro:
* tension headaches (that were a result of...)
* closed dislocation multiple cervical vertebrae (this was the cause of the accident related 2+ weeks headaches)
* closed dislocation lumbar vertebrae
* closed dislocation sacrum

Closed just means that the injury is under the exterior (no skin rips, it's enclosed by my body).

And here is the diagnosis from my 2 day follow up at the hospital:
MVC (motor vehicle collision) Chephalgia and abdominal contusion

I have since asked the hospital to send me an itemized list of what they are billing both my and the at fault parties insurance company (they said they did it Monday, but I have yet to receive it and local mail arrives the next day)...but they also said they would not bill my personal med pay and they did (liars).

So I have no idea what my total bills from the chiro or the hospital are, but I do know the last time I called it was over 5k for the e/r visit and follow up.

Funny how the chiro is much less and they helped me much more.

Today I was discharged from the chiro. My 3x a week adjustments are now over, and he recommends I come back once a month to maintain. (and I will).

I am still undecided on a lawyer but I think at the rate I am going I just get frustrated with everyone involved.

My headaches are better - my back still gives me grief when i wake up in the morning or over due myself and it's just annoying when you have two young children to take care of and you know you are not 100% yourself.

I just wanted to be done with the chiro because the 3 x a week was getting to be a lot of back and forth driving and bringing my kids to each apt. when some times they'd act out was hard, but their office was so good with them - THANK GOD :)

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