Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Photo a Day Pt. 2

I have nothing significant to share, and if you recall, a few blogs down, I was doing something called, "A Photo A Day". I thought I would like to share a few more since the last time I posted.

You can see the previous set, by clicking on the link (label) below, titled, "A Photo a Day 2012". I hope everyone has/is having a blessed memorial day weekend! Bless our troops both past and present.
A few photos:
14 May 2012; A giant grape..

13 May 2012; Different shades of May

12 May 2012; My weathered birdhouse

15 May 2012; Mother's Day Rose from my daughter <3

16 May 2012; My Cato Potato is getting old..

17 May 2012; Weed Flowers Through the Chain Linked Fence

18 May 2012; A Healthy Midnight Snack

19 May 2012; Apple's from the Apple Tree at 9 pm

20 May 2012; My Son - The Future Makeup Artist of the Stars ;)

21 May 2012; Tiger Lilly in the Evening

26 May 2012; Midbloom Beauty (I skipped a few days)

27 May 2012; A Boy Love's His Daddy's Dirty Hat :))

28 May 2012; I found this dress at the Gymboree outlet for $9 - It was way too mod/vintage and mad men inspiring, so I had to snag it! I will use this in a photo shoot at some point down the road. Have a great weekend, dear readers!!

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